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Android App Creator is the new online platform that allows you to create and customize your App quickly and easily. You choose what you want to include in your App, our team will take care of making it and publishing it on the playstore.

Unlike  a website, having your app allows you to stay in contact with your  users more, and also give them the opportunity to consult all your news,  and not only, in a much simpler way than consulting them browser. In  fact, it is much easier and more intuitive for all users of smartphones  and tablets to download the app and always have it at hand.

Why rely on a team of experts? This will allow you to have a great variety of functions and a professional look.

Other companies usually charge thousands of dollars to build a custom app. We have developed modules and functions that allow us to contain costs and construction times by giving you the opportunity to have an excellent price compared to the competition and at the same time offering a professional service.

The proposed graphics can give you an idea of how your app could come out. However, the final look of your app depends on the services and settings you want to choose.

Time depends on the complexity of the App you want to create. When your App is ready you will receive a notification to view a preview. After your approval your app will be published on the playstore.

After receiving the payment for your order, the procedure for creating your App will begin. We will start building the App based on the services and graphics you have chosen. In the meantime you can send us the contents to be inserted, Photo, video, description, etc.

After your App is built we will provide you with a PDF with a QR code to scan. You will be able to print this file and we will highlight it in your business or advertise it elsewhere. Your customers will be able to scan the code to view or download your App.

If you need to add other services, you can do it at any time. You will pay for the service you have chosen only once.

If you need online assistance you can contact us directly from the App.

We  have provided some modules that allow you to modify the pages and  contents of your App. If you want to have an editable App Homepage,  please let us know at the time of purchase.

The times to publish an App on the play store can take a few days.

For more information see the questions and answers section.

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