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Increase the number of your customers! This feature helps create a better type of loyalty or membership program by elevating relationships with your customers from purely one-time (reward customer for purchase) to loyal customers who come back to buy from you and use the services you provide. Existing customer rewards programs that only reward transactions on their branded networks make your business vulnerable to customers who go for a better offer. We think it is wrong. After all, they are your customers. The loyalty reward module has the features your business needs to maximize customer participation and profitability.
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You can encourage them to join the loyalty program by giving starting points after enrollment. This module can be configured according to your demanding. You will have an area where you can change your preferences or add options.

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Customers Get Rewarded!

Accurate statistics

Calculator where you can enter the total paid by the customer. The program will automatically assign the corresponding points in the customer's virtual card

View the total points your customer has earned and new friends they have brought into your business. Reward your customer with a reward you set.

How does it work?
Customers present their virtual card with their phone where they will show a QR code to an employee of your business. The employee assigns the points to the customer.

The employee assigns loyalty points to the customer using a Puncher app on a phone or tablet. Employees can also search for customers and award points even if the customer does not have the card with them.

 Managers also have access to in-depth and actionable reports.

What kinds of things can I reward customers for?
Whisqr is built around our "Profitable Customer Behavior" concept; where you can reward your customers for doing the things that bring profit to your business and promote customer engagement. You choose which behaviors you want to encourage in your customers and benefit your business.

Your business can reward customers for visits or expenses, but you can also choose to reward customers for doing things like returning regularly or after a long absence, for bringing friends or colleagues, for visiting places the customer has never visited. first, to buy special offers or share them on Facebook and more.

Can Whisqr help us communicate with our customers?
Yes. Not only can Whisqr communicate directly with your customers (e.g. if you choose to reward customers who return after a long absence, we will automatically communicate with those customers), but you can also export your list of registered customers for personal use.

Can I use the program for more than one business location?
Yes, you can use this program even if you have other activities in other places.

*You can enter up to 200 customers. Beyond this number you will be offered a subscription plan
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