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Over 40 functions available

Insert a menu on your App. The menu can be customized according to the type of app created. For each icon and menu item you can choose what will happen. For example you can open another page of the app or create a button for sharing, view a video etc. You can have a maximum of 10 items in the menu.

Image gallery

In  this screen you can insert a collection of images, for example of your  restaurant, dishes (if you are a restaurant), your events, or anything  you want to communicate visually and immediately to your customers. Images can be grouped into sections.

Updatable module

A space in your App where you can communicate all your news in real time. You can insert text, images and even external links. You can update the news directly from the App.


You  can let users of your App open all the videos you want, whether they  are on Youtube, on Vimeo or simply some Videos you have on your PC. Videos can be grouped into sections.

Products / Services

Show in a list, easy to consult, all your products / services that you offer to your customers. Each product / service can consist of a title, description and photo.

Group chat

Group chat is a service that allows interaction between system users. For  example, users can ask for information and in this way you can create a  community around your App. To use the chat you need to enter a  username, write the message and send.

Take away & Delivery food

It  allows all those who work in the Food sector (restaurants, pizzerias,  kebabs, sushi, etc.) to propose their menus via the App and collect  orders for both take-out and delivery. The end customer can select food, drinks from the menu with all the variations, pay by credit card and send the order. Customers can choose to pay online or at the time of pickup. It then allows the merchant, through an easy-to-use web panel, to monitor, manage and fulfill orders.

Online Shop

With  the Shop function you can sell your products from one or more points of  sale directly from your App. Users will be able to pay for products via  Paypal and all major credit cards. This feature is meant for small shops. Our team will take care of creating the ecommerce with your products. You will be able to manage orders from a control panel where you can fulfill orders or cancel them.

Updatable shop

Unlimited number of products.
With the upgradeable Shop you can sell your products in complete autonomy. You can insert all the products you want. Users can pay for products via Paypal, all major credit cards and other online payments. Our team will create and configure your Shop and you can manage and modify it as you wish.

Live Chat

Live  chat is a service that allows you to interact with the users of the  App. Through the chat you can transfer files of various kinds as well as  simple text messages. You can also set up automatic messages every time a user visits the App.


Thanks to this function, your customers will receive all offers, promotions, updates directly on their smartphone in real time. Notifications are an important means of keeping your users up to date and communicating with them. You will have an area to enter your current promotions and offers.

Wellness Utility

We have prepared a utility package for everyone who works in the wellness sector. You can choose which nutrition calculator to offer your customers. This function can be useful for example for a gym or for those who deal with supplements.

1 to 1 video conferencing

1 to 1 video conferencing directly from your app. Useful if you provide online help or training.

Group meetings

Group video conferencing directly from your app. Useful if you provide online help or training.

Scrolling images

With this feature you will be able to present your main products with fantastic animations and image scrolling. Maximum 10 Images.

Booking calendar

Receive bookings from your customers directly with the calendar. Users see a calendar where they can choose the dates and times available for appointments. When a customer books an appointment at a certain time, that time will already be busy for other visitors. This will allow you to manage and optimize your appointments and maximize your earnings.


If  it is also important for your business to have a multilingual App, no  problem, with your App we allow you to reach potential customers  anywhere in the world. When your customer opens your App, they can choose the language in which to view it.

Booking Form

Thanks to this function, your customers can book directly from your App by filling out a simple form. Do not miss opportunities, give all the tools to your potential customers to reach you and book wherever they are.

Logo Slider

Create  a slider with the logos of your partners, the brands you offer or the  publications that review you and increase the authority of your site.

Pages with Login

Thanks to this function it is possible to define areas that are accessible only after registration and login. Thanks to this function, your customers will be able to access some areas only by registering and then logging in.

Googla Maps

Insert a map of Google maps with directions to find you. The customer can use the mobile phone navigator to reach you.


Promote your Facebook profile by adding this module to the App. The contents you post on Facebook will be displayed within the tu a App.

Feedback and review

Thanks to this function, the users of your App will be able to send their feedback with both stars and reviews. This feature is useful for allowing your customers to leave reviews on the services or products they have purchased.

Image Form

Create  short questionnaires with closed questions and visual answers, useful  for collecting the information necessary to offer customers an offer or a  personalized quote via e-mail.

Browsable catalog

Create a gallery with a browsable catalog. Excellent function for restaurant menus, but also useful for other solutions. You can insert up to 20 images in the catalog.

Visit counter

Find out how many people use and visit your App every day.

Loyalty program

Increase the number of your customers! This feature helps create a better type of loyalty or membership program by elevating relationships with your customers from purely one-time (reward customer for purchase) to loyal customers who come back to buy from you and use the services you provide.

Accordion Text/FAQ

Create texts and FAQs in accordion style: clicking on the titles the corresponding text is displayed from time to time.

Dropbox Gallery

Create a gallery that draws images from a folder on Dropbox. By adding or deleting files in the folder, the gallery updates automatically.


Allow those who surf your site to listen to an album, track or playlist, or to follow an artist through Spotify.

Audio Player

Insert a player to play a single song or an entire playlist.


Create a survey: Ask users to answer a question and view the results in a graph.

Multiple location Map

Create a map with Google Maps in which you can view, through pins, the addresses of a list of points of sale or points of interest. You can personally edit the places of interest and insert photos, links and other content about your business directly from the App. You can allow your App visitors to comment if you wish.

Youtube Gallery

Create a gallery of videos on Youtube. You can choose from various visual styles.

Multimedia Bakeka

Create your own bakeka of photos, videos, pdfs and other contents independently. You can enable comments from visitors if you wish. You can update the contents of the bakeka by yourself.


Thanks to this module you can insert news, images, links and more in complete autonomy directly from your smartphone. You will be able to access from an administration panel and create or modify contents from both smartphone and PC.

Pricing Table

Create a table in which you compare different products or rate plans so that customers can choose and buy the one that best meets their needs.

Paypal donate

Receive donations for you or your association through this Paypal button.

Playstore publication

We will take care of everything: From the creation of the previews of the App to all the various steps needed for publication.

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