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Frequent questions

What is Android App Creator?

Android App Creator is the new online platform that allows you to create and customize your App quickly and easily. You choose what you want to include in your App, our team will take care of making it and publishing it on the playstore.

How does it work?

Creating an App with us is very easy. Choose the graphics you prefer, add the functions you want to include in your app. Then proceed with sending the order and proceed with the online payment. Our  Team will start to create your App. In the meantime, start preparing  the text and multimedia contents you want to insert in your App. In the  design phase you will be contacted by our Team on your email or on  Whatsapp / Telegram for any communications before publication on the  Playstore.

Can I have the App for apple phone?

For each App created we provide you with 2 versions. The first is a native App for Android devices, the second is a web App usable from iOS. You can view an example of a webapp from here: Web App

What is a web app?
The web apps are accessible directly from the browser and can be downloaded on any device, without brand barrier. You can view a web app with any smartphone. After the realization you will be provided with a QR code which, when scanned, takes you back to your Web App and where your customers will be able to see and use it.

How much does an App cost?

The final price of your App depends on the objects you decide to insert, the graphics chosen and other options. Every time you add an option to your app you will find the updated total price.

I already have a website that I would like to include in the App

If  you already have a website or a social page you can tell us, in this  way we will already have different contents to use for the creation of  the App.

What do I get beyond the app?
After your App is built we will provide you with a PDF with a QR code to scan. You will be able to print this file and we will highlight it in your business or advertise it elsewhere. Your customers will be able to scan the code to view or download your App.

Can I create an App without your intervention?

We do not offer this service at this time. Those  who create an App with us do it because they want a professional App  without having to worry about programming and content management.

What is the difference between having a website and an App?

Unlike  a website, having your app allows you to stay in contact with your  users more, and also give them the opportunity to consult all your news,  and not only, in a much simpler way than consulting them browser. In  fact, it is much easier and more intuitive for all users of smartphones  and tablets to download the app and always have it at hand.

How long does it take to create my App?

Time depends on the complexity of the App you want to create. When your App is ready you will receive a notification to view a preview. After your approval your app will be published on the playstore.

Can i sell online?

Yes,  if you have a business you can sell your products or services online or  you can propose a product catalog in which the customer can choose in  advance. You can choose whether to pay online or at the time of delivery.

I need a multilingual site. It's possible?

Yes, we can create your app in various languages.

Can I make changes to the app?

Yes. You can request changes to your App by adding the changes package according to your needs.

Can I add other services after creating the App?

Yes. Add other services at any time. You can add other services from here.

Are there any annual costs?

There are no annual costs.

How can I enter the contents of my App?

We have prepared a form in which you can send us the files you want to insert in your App. You can send them from here.

Can I create an App for free?

This option is not available at this time

I want to personally modify the contents of the App. Can I do it?

Although  the App is created manually by our Team, we have provided some modules  that allow you to modify the content of the page independently. For example, the Blog module allows you to create infinite pages with personalized content.

Is publication on the playstore mandatory?

No.  Publishing on the playstore is optional, however it is highly  recommended since almost all applications are downloaded from here. If you want to publish your app on the playstore we will take care of the whole process. The app will be inserted in a special channel dedicated to the apps created.

Can I remove my App from the Playstore after publishing it?

Yes. Send us a message and we will remove your App from the Playstore. You can decide to enter it at any time in the future.

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