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What Is Sagis LTD?
The company invests in Fintech and NFT. 2.3% daily earnings in the Company. The Company shares up to 73% of its earnings with investors. Cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal. The company operates in the field of NFTs and is a crypto investment platform! The company is officially registered in New Zealand, with all necessary documents, CEO and offices. Daily withdrawal without commissions. Minimum deposit: $ 25. Daily income: from 0.92% to 1.68% depending on the chosen plan. That's about 25% - 35% per month. Free registration. Innovative platform.

Why invest with Sagidis?

You can deposit and withdraw in Cryptocurrency with no commission

The company shares its earnings with the investors

Earnings example

Earnings example

Available packages and relative earnings as a percentage

You can receive your earnings up to 7 affiliate levels

Sign in
Start earning

Investing is easy

After you have registered, click on the menu on the left under top up balance

Select a cryptocurrency you want to deposit with and click the Pay button

You will find this screen. Copy the cryptocurrency address where you will need to make the money transfer and log into your wallet. From your personal wallet, send the funds you have established to this cryptocurrency address. Crediting times usually last a few minutes. After you have made the payment, go back to Sagidis and click on the I paid button.

When the funds have arrived you will find them on Deposit statistics in the side menu

When the money has been credited, you must open a deposit at Sagidis. From the side menu click on open a deposit. You will find this screen where you can also do a simulation of how much you will earn over time based on the money you want to invest. Enter how much money you want to invest and click on Open Deposit.

Click on the Invest button

Click on Pay invoice below

Sign up and continue

Congratulations you have created a deposit on Sagidis

About the company

Why SAGIDIS Limited?
And how does it work?

The era of financial technology
The main idea of ​​the company is to approach traditional financial markets in non-traditional digital ways. Technologies in the investment world are changing rapidly, supplanting methods that were considered profitable yesterday but are already outdated today.

Global digital transformation
The financial world is in a global transformation. Today's financial technology market is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing of all business areas. These industries are developing new look trends and conducting a financial transformation.

A modern tool
Digitization allows the company to influence the market, build its development strategies with the help of Fintech, have up-to-date market analysis using artificial intelligence, and minimize hedging-based financial turnover.

A single direction
The non-fungible token has fundamentally changed the digital asset market. This direction is promising as development technologies increase trends and demand in the market today. The company's unconventional approaches allowed it to create a private investment fund, thereby increasing the occupied market share and profit.

Unique platform based on Fintech and non-fungible tokens

Sagidis offers automated investment solutions that demonstrate how to combine digital technologies, automated investment algorithms, and passive or active investment management based on a private investment fund.

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